Peux Fly Fishing


From more than 25 years, our Swiss brand PEUX is specialized in reels and accessories manufacturing for fly fishing.

To create even more efficient and innovative products, we need your authentic and quality feedbacks.

Your help will be very useful to make our brand well known to anglers all over the world.


« Fly fishing is my passion since my childhood. After a mechanical enginerring degree and two years working as a design mechanical enginneer in a big company, I decided to take over the PEUX reels company and begin to work in the fly fishing industry.

Because our customers are demanding, we strive to make the mosts innovatives, efficients reels and accessories for fly fishing, with an uncompromised Swiss quality manufacturing.

We are strongly convinced that the feedback of our customers and pro staff is the best way to improve our products, and build the future of fly fishing.

We love sharing fishing experiences with our community, for whom fly fishing is not only a passion, but a true lifestyle ! »


Apply online to our ambassador campaign

No draw ! Each application is studied to select the most suitable profiles for the products offered and mission to complete.

Receive and try
the product

Discover the product with its advice for a better experience. Test it in the best possible conditions and give us a precise and detail feedback.

your experience

Talk to your community about our band and products, give them your feedback to help them make their choices, and help us to design the products of tomorrow !


Become an actor of the fly fishing world ! We are convinced that sharing your personal experience is an incredible asset to improve our products and help other users make better choices.


Our genuine opinions are valuable to your community. Reassure them about the benefits of our products and help them make the right choice with your reviews.



Detailed, authentic content shared by discerning users helps consumers make informed and relevant purchases. Educate your community with quality, in-depth content !


Use tests and large-scale surveys are also ways of guaranteeing the quality of our products. Your suggestions and feedbacks will be instrumental in creating quality products.


Your testimonials and posts on network open our eyes to what really matters to our consumers.


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Participating in our ambassador campaigns is helping us co-building products that meet consumer expectations. Your detailed and authentic feedback allows us to develop innovative and efficient products that perfectly match the needs of our future customers. More failed purchases, or casting errors, is also less waste.
In addition, by sharing your opinions on social networks and product pages, you give visibility to our brand, but you also allow your community to be able to purchase a product in full consciousness. And not just any product! This is a product that you enjoyed after testing and that fits your values and needs.

You can apply online by filling out the application form consisting of about 14 questions. These help to provide an accurate picture of your fishing style needs and expectations.
If we do not have a product test in progress, do not hesitate to leave your email address so that we can contact you to participate in future campaigns.

We scrupulously select ambassadors according to the product to be tested and in consistency with the vision and values of our brand. In fact, we have specific criteria for combining products and ambassador profiles. To do this, you will have to fill out a questionnaire. Once completed, we select the most relevant panel.

Once the products have been tested, we invite you to submit authentic and detailed reviews to inform our community as precisely as possible. These notices can be posted on your own social networks in the form of posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), on your personal site – in article form – or in your stories.

You can make photos or videos to illustrate your comments (in situation, before/after or at the time of receipt of the product). In this way, you send an incentive signal to consumers and your community, which reassures them about the effectiveness of the product you tested.

1- Thanks to a page on our site dedicated to the ambassador program, you will have access to the various campaigns offered by our brand. An explanatory text on the program invites you to participate in one or more tests implemented.

2- You can apply online by answering a questionnaire that allows us to learn more about the specifics of your profile (fly fishing style, area, product interests…)

3- Once selected, you receive the product at home, as well as an instruction manual that allows you to obtain all the benefits of the product and to achieve a perfect experience throughout the test.

4- Test the product and note every aspect of it (packaging, manufacturing quality, effectiveness, design…) from its discovery to the final results.

5- Share your experience by providing authentic reviews that guide consumers in their future purchases.

We can ship the products worldwide.