Peux Fly Fishing


Made in Switzerland

The brand PEUX and its reels is above all a passion history between fly fishing and Swiss precision enginerring.

I takes its roots in the canton of « TICINO », where craft watchmaking tradition and fly fishing are mixed.

For more than 20 years, we develop and manufacture our reels & accessories in our own workshop, using precision CNC machines.

PEUX technology is also based on carefully selectionned materials, and wear resistant best treatments.

Our products are designed to make fly fishing the most enjoyable and efficient possible.

Experienced fly fishers and passionate people motivates PEUX to improve its products each day.

PEUX ensures you the prestige of a Swiss quality product.

The journey continues

Youth arrived in team PEUX, with Valentin Daubré, young mechanical engineer, who takes over the company.
Of course, Francis & Valentin will continue to work together for few years, in order to do a smooth transmission and to still have an optimum working quality.

All pieces are still manufactured in our workshop in Switzerland (Cadenazzo, Ticino) and reels are now assembled in our workshop in Franche-Comté (Gonsans, Doubs, France).

« After making an internship of several months at PEUX company, as a mechanical engineer, i kept in touch with Francis very regularly.

At the end of 2 years spent working in an another company, I decided to go into this new adventure.

I’m lucky that Francis follow me for few years for this business take over, I will benefit of his great experience to continue to innovate and to develop this small company.

I think that we make a great team ! »